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Driving Lessons Lichfield, Tamworth and Sutton Coldfield.

Safe Driving for Life not just the Test!

  • High Pass rates 80% + nearly double the DVSA averages (46.8%)
  • Do you want a 1st time Pass & safety afterwards!
  • Instructor with many years experience!
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  • Latest iPad Apps used for better training
  • Introducing Extra safety tuition of “The Honest Truth
  • Intensive Courses (subject to availability)
  • Special, Unique Quality Tuition just for you!
  • Providing value for money, ensuring your become a safe driver
  • Drive yourself to your Theory Test, if you want
  • Free Theory test help as part of your lessons
  • Pass plus motorway driving lessons available
  • Refresh – Update your driving skills with us
  • Expert Female driving instructor
  • Proper Syllabus you can follow easily.
  • Helpful Video links & Apps Advice.
  • Supporting 3 Specific Charities to redress the balance of putting extra drivers on the road. Something to think about as a vehicle Driver & the Environment.
  • Please Explore our website further to learn much more about the process.
  • Latest- we took part Big Learner Relay for Children in Need 2015 & raised £385.

At Abacus we understand that driving is a fundamental Skill for Life, therefore we believe it needs to be approached with care. We are dedicated to making the experience as comfortable, relaxed and smooth as possible. We know that everyone is unique and therefore learns differently. So we ensure that we adapt the coaching to meet your needs. All this will enable you reach a good standard of driving skill which will enable you to pass first time thus saving extra cost. Therefore we aim that you will leave Abacus feeling confident to deal with today’s ever demanding road situations and new horizons opening up before you in more ways than one. After which we will be glad to follow up your progress for a couple of years and collect a small amount of feedback to help improve our services to future students including overall road safety. If we can’t meet your needs we will find another instructor who can, includes finding Automatic tuition should you need it. Business Hours: Phones = Mon-Friday 8.30am – 8.30pm  Sat – 9.00am-5pm.

Tution Times= Mon-Thurs 9.30am- 7.30pm Friday- 9.30am -3.30pm  Saturday & Sunday Closed.

If you Instructor does not have an ADI number or a green or pink badge in their window when teaching you they are not qualified to teach you for money AND you may not be fully insured or have been given the correct information to pass your test. Problems like this need to be reported direct to the DVSA with all details for all our safety.

Please note Gift Vouchers may be purchased direct from us.

Abacus Driving School

Abacus Driving School, providing Driving Lessons in the Lichfield, Tamworth and Sutton Coldfield areas – click here see if you can benefit by taking lessons from a patient & understanding Female driving instructor who will help you to build confidence in your driving abilities while you learn.

Abacus Driving School is an Independent School which was established in 2007 and run by Ann Moyes.

Abacus Driving School

Handy Tips: Theory Test Practice

Q. What does this sign mean?

A: It’s a sign giving an order “National Speed Limit”.