DSA Test booking changes to weblinks

Important if booking a Test! 

Old DSA links from 17 October

You’ll be redirected to the right page on GOV.UK if you try to use any old links from 17 October, so there’s no need to worry about updating your bookmarks or websites straight away.

The same thing will happen if you click on a link to Directgov or Business Link in a search engine result.

Only official driving test booking website

From 17 October, GOV.UK will be the only official website to book your driving test through. So from then, please remind your pupils to book at www.gov.uk.

GOV.UK will continue to link to existing services with the Directgov and Business Link colour schemes for a while. In time, these will be updated to be made simpler, clearer and faster too.

New GOV.UK Website Trial

From 17 October, GOV.UK will be the best place to find government services and information.
GOV.UK will replace Directgov and Business Link, making it simpler, clearer and faster to find what you need from government.Content and services may look a little different to what you’re used to, but you’ll still find services and information provided by DSA.

To get an idea of how GOV.UK will work, you can use and give feedback on a trial, or ‘beta’, version of the website now.

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New DSA Hazard Perception clips for 2013

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Hazard perception test clip: new example
DSA has published a new early working example of a computer-generated hazard perception test clip.
The clip has been produced by Jelly – the company that won the contract to update the hazard perception clips. This new example shows what candidates can expect to see in the test.

  Watch the clip  

The updated clips will be part of the theory test from summer 2013.

The scenarios and hazards remain the same but vehicles, fashions and backdrops will have a more modern look.

Over the coming months, DSA will be working closely with Jelly to make sure the new clips will meet quality assurance standards.