Highway Code changes from 30-11-2018.

Some Highway code rules were amended due to increase risks from use of Technology inside vehicles by Drivers. 

From 30 November 2018, Highway Code rules 149, 150, 160 and 239 have been updated to provide more detailed advice on safely using remote control parking and motorway assist functions.

This follows a consultation by the Department for Transport held in 2016 about using advanced driver assistance systems and automated vehicle technologies while driving.

81% of New Drivers better prepared for real life driving.

Today (4 December 2018) marks 1 year since the driving test changed, to be more like real-life driving.

The changes included:

using a sat nav while driving
driving on a wider variety of roads.
New research into driving test changes

Research published today shows over 80% of newly qualified drivers said the test better prepared them for driving on Great Britain’s roads.

86% of candidates also said they used a sat nav at least some of the time after passing their test, saying practising with it was “more realistic and was a more likely scenario to encounter in the future”. See DVSA website to look uo the Full Survey information.