Road junctions & Olympics

Latest Info from the Driving Standards agency, reminding you about how to deal with junctions in case you need a refresher. Check your friends and family are up to date with their highway code. Good topic of conversation if you’re feeling bored or at a loose end after the Olympics. Worth remembering some of the Para- Olympic athletes may be as they are because of a lack of road safety. If you’re near the National Arboreatum check out the wood dedicated to Road traffic Accident victims. It’s well worth a visit.

Road junctions
The Highway Code applies to England, Scotland and Wales. It’s essential reading for everyone. Here’s a reminder about road junctions.
Rule 170Take extra care at junctions. You should

  • watch out for cyclists, motorcyclists, powered wheelchairs/mobility scooters and pedestrians as they are not always easy to see. Be aware that they may not have seen or heard you if you are approaching from behind
  • watch out for pedestrians crossing a road into which you are turning. If they have started to cross they have priority, so give way
  • watch out for long vehicles which may be turning at a junction ahead; they may have to use the whole width of the road to make the turn
  • watch out for horse riders who may take a different line on the road from that which you would expect
  • not assume, when waiting at a junction, that a vehicle coming from the right and signalling left will actually turn. Wait and make sure
  • look all around before emerging. Do not cross or join a road until there is a gap large enough for you to do so safely.