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Hyundai i20 Blue Drive Active Diesel – Jan 2014.

Abacus Driving school is currently using the latest Hyundai Blue Drive Diesel . This is a vast improvement on the previous Mazda 2. All our pupils have really found it beneficial to switch to this new car.

The Cars are 5 door fully dual controlled, air conditioned. The seating is adaptable to most size/shape of student and all round visibility is better than most similar tuition vehicles. The seating is extremely comfortable & adaptable. There are driver front & passenger air bags for your protection. It is very economic and has the latest ISG technology saving you time and fuel when stopping for short periods. Power steering makes manoeuvring easier. In the event of a collision this car has  Advanced Impact Distribution & Absorption system or MIDAS. In addition to ABS РAnti lock braking system will help to prevent skids and allow you to control the car more effectively during the controlled/emergency Stopping exercise which you may have to perform on Test. However be careful if you follow to close behind because this car can stop very quick if the unexpected happens.

For more information go to Hyundai.

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Handy Tips: Theory Test Practice

Q. What does this sign mean?

A: It’s a sign giving an order “Turn Left”.