Dyspraxia & driving.

Do you have some learning difficulties?

Today we a attended a very good presentation by Jill Dixon of the Dyspraxia association in Tamworth. Go to www.dyspraxiainfo.co.uk  There is a vast amount of help on this site. However if you need assistance learning to drive with these condition and other learning difficulties which often come bundled together or very mildly do search for a fabulous site run by Julia Malkin who herself is Autistic but a driving instructor and trainer herself and was recently awarded the MBE for her services to Driving Tuition in these and other areas of learning disabilities. Just because you or your teenager has these difficulties does not mean they will be unable to obtain a licence. Please see http://exceldia.com & http://www.freshstart2013.com/juliamalkin.html  both of which are helpful and excellent. Also watch the excellent You Tube clip about Julia & her driving Tuition. At Abacus we have help a number of people with various learning difficulties. Early last year a young man in Lichfield who had been with us for about 18 months passed on just his second attempt, which is and achievement for any learner let alone one with Dyspraxia. Many do change and learn in an Automatic but this young man was in to cars and really want to learn the manual way, it will make it cheaper and give him more flexibility in the future. He had lots of good support from his family and we gave regular updates and kept them involved which all helped the learning process. As parents you should always have a good relationship with your young persons driving instructor as there are many constructive things you can do to help your youngster through to being a safe responsible driver.