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Intensive Lessons.

We offer intensive lessons for those who want to pass in a hurry, we prefer not to call them crash courses for obvious reasons. This will reduce the number of hours training as you will learn much quicker this way. However it does not suit everyone so we give you an assessment first.

We can do an extra discount on these courses. To qualify for intensive tuition you must be doing at least 7 hours a week, take 2 hour minimum lessons and the cancellation period is 7 days notice. Please see our Terms & Conditions. We would prefer you not to have booked your test until you have been assessed and availability of car and instructor checked to avoid disappointment.


Before booking an intensive course we give you an assessment lesson so that we can get some idea of how many actual hours you may need to get through the test and to find out how you learn and if intensive is suitable for you. Many people who have not driven before under estimate how much there is to being safe on todays roads and that is our main concern not just for yourself but for everyone else on the roads.


Courses are flexible and tailored to meet your needs based on your assessment, needs and availability. Please call 07786 010334 for further questions and refer to our frequently asked questions page. They are only available if we have space.


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Handy Tips:

Q. How you would check the Windscreen Washer fluid level?

A: Open the bonnet and identify the washer fluid reservoir and explain when it requires filling.