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You’ve spent a lot of money passing your test but keeping your licence in the first two years of driving will be tougher than it may first seem. If you receive more than 6 points in the first two years you could have to take an extended test or a least take the test again and your insurance will be much higher. So here are a few tips to keeping that licence.

  • You learned to drive properly with your instructor to a high enough standard to pass the current test, keep to what you learned and all will be well. Take risks and you’re likely to pay for them quicker than you may think. Passing the test does not make you a good driver but experience and putting in to practice what you’ve been taught will.
  • Having no one else in the car with you for the first time may seem a little daunting so take your time on roads you know to start with gradually expanding your horizons.
  • Consider using “P” Plates the first few months until you’re more familiar with finding your own way around and always carry a good road atlas incase you loose your way. Remember Sat Nav’s are not always totally accurate and can easily fail.
  • When you carry passengers you’re in charge. Bus stops & train stations are good places to leave unruly passengers so you don’t have to succumb to peer pressure. It’s your car, your life and they’re you’re responsible in your car so you call the shots.
  • Drive defensively and if other drivers are aggressive keep well away from them. You can always pull over and take a break in a safe place. Tiredness can kill so take regular breaks on long journeys in particular. If you feel drowsy open a window and play music until you can take a break, coffee will help.
  • Do make sure that you get yourself a reputable breakdown cover especially if you are women driving solo. If you are approached by strangers lock yourself in and speak through a slightly open  window, if necessary send them to get help. Carry basic maintenance & medical first aid kit. Have a warning Triangle and a fire extinguisher in your vehicle at all times. Always carry a mobile phone but bear in mind you maybe asked to use an emergency motorway phone by the services should the need arise if they are unsure of your location.
  • Quick reactions are not always enough to prevent an accident so try to anticipate danger and keep your speed within the limits allowed. Limits are there to protect you and others on the road so please don’t be irresponsible as accidents cost us all much more in insurances & emergence assistance through taxes etc:
  • Items left in vehicles are an open invitation to theives so why invite them? Lock them out of sight or take them with you especially laptops, cameras, sat nav’s etc:
  • We strongly advise you go to the DVSA web advice link you were told about at the end of passing your test by the EXAMINER. Newly Qualified Drivers link here.

Renewing the photo on your licence

You’ll also need to check the expiry date of your photo on your driving licence. It’ll need to be renewed before the date of expiry. The expiry date of your photo is shown in section 4b on the front of your driving licence. It is advisable to carry your licence when you drive incase you are stopped for identification. If stopped by the police it will show responsibity and helps them with the relevant checks, always be polite as the police have many powers of descretion with people who are helpful and it will help you enormously if there’s a problem. Remeber they are there to prevent road crime & promote saftey for all. Consider an advanced driving course. We consider ROSPA to be the best of these organisations.

Beware of the time limit!

If you don’t claim your test pass within two years of the date of your test, the driving entitlement in which you gained the test pass will be lost. You’ll have to take and pass both parts of the driving test again for that category of vehicle if you wish to have it included on your driving licence.


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Handy Tips:

Q. How you would check the Tyres to ensure that they have sufficient tread depth and that their general condition is safe to use on the road?

A: Inspect them to ensure there are no cuts or bulges. Check there is at least 1.6mm of tread across the central three quarters of the breadth and around the entire circumference.