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Lessons – your 1st lesson..

What to bring?

Please bring both parts of your licence, that is the pink card if Provisional and the Green counterpart as shown here. The card alone is not valid legally without the Paper part and if you don’t have both your lesson may not take place but you maybe charged.  See Note*

Bring or wear Glasses or contact lenses if you need them for distance vision.

Wear some thing comfortable on your feet through which you will be able to feel the pedals well, e.g. not high heels or thick soled trainers until you are more used to the controls.

What to expect on your 1st lesson?

We will check your license and take some notes from it. We will take some other details for our records in order to contact you easily and to help with your Theory and Practical test. Please inform your instructor of any additional problems which may affect your ability to learn to drive so that they understand your needs and can do the best to help you. e.g. past injuries, car trauma or disabilities.

Most of your first lesson is about the controls of the car so you will not do much driving on your first lesson until you have understood the correct procedures before starting the car, legalities and how to use the controls you will need in order to move off and stop safely. You will actually move off and stop correctly on your 1st lesson and change gear. If you have a natural aptitude we will encourage you to do more. This will depend on the time available and our location at the time. You will also do some clutch control practice in order to build your confidence and help you understand how the car responds to using the pedals. We may have to drive you a little distance to and from your home on the first few lessons in order for you to start in a suitably safe and quiet place. If you have any questions about your first lesson please do not hesitate to give us a call.

* The Paper Part of your licence is going to be phased out but as such is not yet.19-4-2012


Abacus Driving School


Abacus Driving School, providing Driving Lessons in the Lichfield, Tamworth and Sutton Coldfield areas – click here see if you can benefit by taking lessons from a patient & understanding Female driving instructor who will help you to build confidence in your driving abilities while you learn.