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Parental Guidance – Accompanying your learner for practice.

When your son daughter has acquired a reasonable amount of driving skill it is very useful for them to get extra practice with a another driver accompanying them. This will help them to gain more independence as they are responsible for the car with no dual controls. We advise you not to take them out until we suggest it for the safety of everyone and so as not to shatter confidence before they’ve had a chance. Many are the horror stories we’ve heard from nervous pupils who  have been subjected to over zealous relatives. It can seriously set young people back and we need to have respect for them especially on todays much busier and faster road conditions.

It is important that if you accompany a learner you follow certain rules and guidelines.

  1. Have an extra rear view mirror so that you can see what is happening behind especially knowing when other drivers are likely to overtake.
  2.  Have proper insurance cover for the learner, always check or they can purchase their own special learner insurance from Collingwood, yes on your car. See our insurance page.
  3. Don’t be scared to use the steering wheel or hand break if you need to take over control.
  4. Keep instruction short and simple – KISS !  This helps them to keep most of of their concentration on the roads and controlling the car. And try to keep your voice calm even when things go wrong.
  5. Please try not to contradict what they have been taught by their instructor as driving methods have changed since you learnt to drive and you may be reinforcing something that could fail them their test. If in doubt please feel free to sit on the back of a lesson so that you can pick up a few tips from a proper lesson or ask their instructor for advice. Alternatively refer to “Driving the Essential skills” by the DSA. Obtainable from us for £11.(RRP£16)


Abacus Driving School


Abacus Driving School, providing Driving Lessons in the Lichfield, Tamworth and Sutton Coldfield areas – click here see if you can benefit by taking lessons from a patient & understanding Female driving instructor who will help you to build confidence in your driving abilities while you learn.

Abacus Driving School is an Independent School which was established in 2007 and run by Ann Moyes.