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How to get insured while you are learning?

Abacus is always being asked about insurance. Costs now appear to be so prohibitive that we’ve put together some advice for you.

Please check out the the Driving Standards Agency advice on insurance before contacting any companies as we do not want to see you locked into a policy that it will then be harder to extricate yourself from should you wish to change insurer.We don’t want you to find yourself paying out for an invalid policy as has happened quiet a bit recently and was highlighted on the BBC‘s One Show last year and is sometimes review there.(see You Tube clips). Please check that your Policy is valid before you part with your money.

It is possible to get a Provisional cover for however much time you need it for. Here are three options which other people have said have been good and helpful:

Please also check out Insurance companies supporting Black/ Green box schemes for when you’ve passed as these can dramatically reduce costs but do come with some restrictions, always check the details and remember there is always a cool off period. They can really help you improve your skills in the crucial, vulnerable early days of driving alone.

Collingwood Insurance Services – recommended.

They have been offering learner drivers the chance to take out their own short-term learner driver insurance policy since 2007 and still offer on of the most flexible & competitively priced policies today. Students can choose policies from 7 days – 24 weeks or a full annual policy to insure either their own car or a vehicle owned by someone else i.e. parents, relatives or friends.

Peter Harvey MBE, Chairman of the MSA (Motor Schools Association) of whom Abacus is a member, says  “The Insurance is a great way to allow learners to get extra practice and introduce them to planning for their own insurance when they pass the L-test. Give it a go: Students will like the extra freedom!”

Collingwood Link.

Marmalade Driver Insurance for Provisional Drivers – recommended.

Provisional Marmalade’s learner driver insurance is car insurance specifically designed for learner driver and aims to provide them with the security needed to get the practice that is vital to become a licensed driver. Once a provisional licence holder has suitable learner driver insurance, it gives the student driver a chance to hone their driving skills with a friend or family member.
On average a learner driver will need 45 hours of driving lessons with a professional instructor and the Driving Standards Agency recommends further private practice of at least 20 hours. Private practice is invaluable to learner drivers who are new to driving and new to the rules of the road. However, many are hesitant to let a learner driver practice in a car belonging to a family member or friend because of the huge costs of adding a learner driver to their personal car insurance policy and the risk of the car owner losing their own no claims bonus.
Provisional Marmalades learner driver car insurance allows a learner driver to drive any family car with just a provisional licence. Click here for young marmalade.

Provisional insurance from iKube    One Show Video

Unlike many well known insurers, that promote learner driver insurance, we won’t cancel your car insurance once you’ve passed your test and we certainly won’t ramp up the premium either.  If you are aged 17 to 25, try iKube.
We can offer learner drivers a discounted provisional car insurance package for those who stay off the road between the hours of 11pm – 5am (the “red hours”).
Research has suggested that young drivers are statistically at a higher risk of being involved in a serious road accident after 11pm.
It’s simple really – as long as you stay off the road between these “red hours” then you are seen as less of a risk. You are therefore eligible for a competitive discount on your learner driver insurance.
Click here for more info:
Go to iKube.


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