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Why take Refresher Lessons??

How long ago did you pass your test?

Wether it’s five, ten, twenty thirty years or more since passing your test there’s will always be something extra you can learner from refresher lessons. We all think we can drive better than we actually can, however it’s usually the people who don’t think they need help that are probable causing other drivers problems on the the road. Whenever you passed your test you could regularly update your driving knowledge.

How long is it since you last drove?

Maybe you passed your test years ago and could drive well but for whatever reason you are out of the habit. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how long ago since you last drove or even if you still have a provisional after 25years or more, Abacus will still be able to assess your driving and give you our expert opinion on what is best for your circumstances.

When was the last time you looked at a Highway Code?  Do you have an up to date copy at home or in your car?

If not then it’s time you considered purchasing one, or borrowing from a library. Did you know you can now download most of it to your phone. Each time you sit down for a cuppa, have it handy, have a browse through. You may be surprised at how much you didn’t realise is now a legal requirement or how many new rules you didn’t know about. Remember lack of knowledge does not count in a court of law if you were involved in an accident even if it were not directly your fault.  See Driving Tips.

I’ve been driving for years, why do i need refresher lessons?

New Photo card licenses are only valid for for ten years and it is a possibility that in future renewal may be based on updating skills with a professional ADI (Approved Driving Instructor).

The roads are continually being changed and updated due to higher volumes (ten times what they were 30 years ago)of traffic. There maybe totally new kinds junctions( e.g. Traffic light controlled, multi lane roundabouts, introduced only about fifteen years ago) which you need to learn how to deal with safely. Driving techniques and standards are continually being upgraded and improved sometimes due to changing car technology. Many new drivers, taught well are subject to the bad driving habits, and risks taken by more experienced drivers who’s knowledge is out of date. They therefore have to be extra skilled to pass todays test in order to keep safe. The accident rate among recently passed drivers is 1 in 5 mostly due to lack of experience and anticipation ability not driving skill or knowledge. Many young drivers are unable to assess risk well because the brains anticipation skills are not fully developed until the age of 25, so no fault of their own!

Refresher guidance for Parents? How to help your child be safe on the road from very young.

An increasing culture of risk free upbringing  does not help young people to develop the necessary anticipation and motor skills early on and therefore hinders their ability to learn to drive more easily. Things such as ball sports where hand eye coordination is developed young are essential skills for later driving techniques. Also being shown rules of road for pedestrians(See Highway Code) and an early respect for the dangers on the road by parents is essential. Teaching them to look properly before opening a car door especially if there is an approaching car. Simple things like always getting children to exit the car on the kerb side. Always parking with the follow of traffic instead of against it and teaching them to cross the road safely using both their eyes and ears so removing headphones to deal with traffic. Numerous are the times we see young people walk out with headphones on or on a mobile not paying sufficient attention to traffic. Listening skills are as much a part of driving as learning to control the car. If there is a course at the local school about riding a bicycle on the road make sure your child gets the chance to participate, this is one of the best ways of helping your child develop road sense at the right age. If there is no course at the  school request one and get the support of other parents.


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Handy Tips: Theory Test Practice

Q. What does this sign mean?

A: It’s a sign giving an order “Give Priority to Oncoming Vehicles”.