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Each of the following list will be marked in the i way indicated below.

1 = Introduced
2 = Under full instruction
3 = Prompted
4 = Seldom prompted
5 = Independent

This List is based on the DSA official Competencies for learning to drive and is the process through which you will be taken whilst learning with Abacus. This will not necessarily be in the order listed as many topics will over lap. The syllabus is explained fully in “The Driving Test” one of the DSA  driving skills books.


Highway code
Vehicle Checks
Use of car controls
Ancillary controls
Starting the Engine

Moving off & Stopping Safely:

a) on the level
b) on hills up & down
c) at an angle
d) Emergency stop

Road Positioning:

a) Normal
b) for Junctions
c) for overtaking
d) At an Angle

Adequate clearance of:

a) Stationery Objects
b) Moving vehicles

Attitude to others

Proper observations:

a) Blind spots
b) Forwards
c) Use of Mirrors

Anticipation shown:

Emerging Left
Emerging Right
Turning Left
Turning Right
Meeting traffic
Emergency Stops – Skidding

Phase 2.

Safety of others
Reaction to risk
Turn in the Road
Crossing traffic
Defensive Driving
Suitable speed
Safe distance
Pedestrian Crossings
Vulnerable road users
Use of Signals
Planning & Awareness
Road Signs/Markings
Left Corner Reverse
Right Corner Reverse*

Phase 3

Over taking & Changing Lanes
Emergency vehicles* (Blue Light vehicles)
Reverse/Parallel Park
Progress & Hesitation
Carrying Loads*
Environmental Driving (Eco)
Bay park/Car Parks
Adverse Weather*
Night Driving*
Rural roads*
Railway/Other crossings*
Maintenance Questions

Pass Plus

Motorways etc.:(after test)

Subjects covered more fully in Pass Plus but not necessarily in before test.

Phase 4. = Reaching Test standard in all the above.

A sufficient level of competence and knowledge must be reached in all of these categories in order for you to pass the current DSA test. Not reaching the standard required may result in your instructor post phoning your test or refusing the use of their car for test on the grounds of safety to both examiners and other road users and in this respect it is a legal requirements of your instructors license.


Abacus Driving School


Handy Tips: Theory Test Practice

Q. What does this sign mean?

A: It’s a sign giving an order “No U Turn”.