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Don’t take our word for it…?

What our passed students say about us…

“After having a number of driving instructors, I was very pleased to find Abacus Driving School. Ann told me lots of very essential points which other instructors had failed to mention and helped me to pass my driving test with only 2 driving faults. A very friendly, yet observant driving instructor!”

Laura Birch Passed 1st time with Abacus 3 minors  8-08-2008.

“Very kind and understanding. Offers a variety of learning methods. Lovely car would consider buying one in the future”

Jude Mcauliffe Passed 1st time with Abacus a record no Faults! 29-07-2011. 

“Patient especially when i found it hard, and helped me break down manoevoures  i.e. left corner reverse. I felt confident & trusted my instructor.”

Rachel Lawson Passed 1st time with Abacus 2 minors  24-11-2010.

“Very flexible and really pushes you to go further & get better. Answers questions clearly and helps you a lot.”

Megan Ward Passed 1st time with Abacus 3 minors  24-08-2010.

“Very Good, encouraging teacher.”

Lauren Harris Passed 2nd attempt 1 minor  20-09-2011.

“Ann was a very good driving instructor, i’d definitely recommend you! I passed first time with 3 minors :)”

Grace Taylor Passed 1st time with Abacus 3 minors  2-10-2009.

“Very comfortable tuition to bring out the best in any learner”    Later, Grace won an iPod after taking part in the Pass Plus Extra through Staffs council and giving them all the feedback they asked for. These statistics have proved 19% drop in accident rates amongst Pass Plus Extra students.

A.Gifford Passed 1st time with Abacus  10 -07-2009.

In London: Isleworth.

“Ann was really great. She took me though everything step by step.

I was pretty sad when Ann left London and couldn’t teach me anymore, it was hard finding another instructor as good.

Shelley Knight  passed later in 2005.


Abacus Driving School


Handy Tips: Theory Test Practice

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A: It’s a sign giving an order “Mini Roundabout”.