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How to pass your theory Test.

There are two parts to your Theory Test, firstly a set of 50 Multiple choice questions based on all aspects of driving and in several different catagory evenly split. You need to score 43 out of 50 to pass. Secondly are a series of Hazard Perception Clips one of which will have more than one hazard in it so you must keep watching throughout the clips for further hazards just as you would if you were driving. The quicker you spot them the higher you score. You must pass both parts at the same time in order to achieve a pass. You cannot put in for your Practical Test until this is achieved so it’s up to you. At Abacus we would like you to aim to get through your Theory test before you have reached 20 lessons. Here are some hints on how…

To claim your FREE ‘Know Your Traffic Signs” pdf file  worth £4.99 send me an email via the contact page on this site. The definitive way to learn Traffic signs for your Theory test.

Warning about excessive Charges for Tests from DSA. Click for link.

Your three Tools to a First time Pass:   There is no need to buy expensive Theory books or Kits! Below is all you need! See our shop>

  1. Your starting point is the Highway Code. Buy a printed copy (£2.50 or cheaper from us) as it is the only full version. You can also download from iTunes apps or the DSA and search on You tube or through Facebook and Twitter for parts of the Highway code on line. Keep it buy the kettle and read a little each time you make a cuppa.
  2. We recommend you purchase Driving the Essential Skills by The DSA. £12.99 or cheaper from us if you study a couple of chapters a week you will soon get through it. This is the definative guide on learning to drive and is the best help aside from your instructor that you can get to all aspects of learning to drive, as it’s written and produced be the people who make the rules and set the tests. It’s a drivers bible. Now available to download to Kindle/Tablet.
  3. You can now access most Theory practice Mocks and Questions online however if you have difficulty with the site linked below or have learning problems it may be easier to purchase an all in one DVD (£9.99 or cheaper from us) with practice Hazard Perception Clips on so you can practice and master how it works. You may  download free and priced Apps for Theory and Hazard Perception Study, (start with DVSA App) where you can practice clips without payment but for full versions they charge a fee. Best to try out the free ones to see which suit you best.We can advise you more on your first lesson, just ask.

Finally the Three P’s Positive attitude, Perseverance & Practice will get you a good result. Take it seriously and you’ll save money, it’s no longer an easy pass for some.

And some visual help =  DVSA Theory Test Help Video     

Also check out the latest stock of YouTube videos direct from the DVSA here to help you with theory & practical tests.

The actual questions are no longer being published so it’s important that you understand the theory and are able to apply it rather than learning answers to specific questions so whatever way the question is asked you can still answer it.

Firstly try not to think of the Theory as yet another test! Think of it as a means to a life long skill. We never stop learning through out life and this is just another life skill which it’s rather useful to achieve. So when you study for your theory think more about the PRACTICAL things it’s trying to teach you and when you’re out and about be observant about how your family and friends do things that either make the roads safe or not. Try to think about what goes right! so focus on what could be improved instead of what doesn’t go so well. What would you have done differently? Notice how children are less aware than adults etc.; Observation and Anticipating the actions of others could save yours or someone else’s life. Nearly all Traffic incidents are preventable, even if not your error! If your Hazard perception skills are good & you stay alert, you can save yourself from most potential collisions.

* You do not need to buy a Theory Question book unless you don’t have access to a computer as it’s all available online. If you do not have access to a computer you should be able to get assistance through either your local library, school or college to access online study.

Useful website addresses.

Online DSA practice Theory Tests = These two are most like the real thing

iTunes apps for theory learning    &     iTunes Highway Code apps = so you can learn on the move.

Online Theory Tests = a practice help site

Driving Theory 4 All = My recommended theory test help site

Pass Your Test Online = a practice help site

Pass My Theory = a practice help site

Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership = for Pass Plus Extra and your local safety info.

More Theory info from the DSA.        DSA official book Shop

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Remember if you don’t understand something ask. We want you to have confidence in your Driving & enjoy it rather than fearing it. Confident, informed drivers make good decisions on the road.  Call us on 07786 010 334!

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