Traffic experiment in Tamworth

Tamworth currently operates an experimental 20 Zone around local schools. This is a scheme being tested to see if it reduces accidents around schools during the hours that children are entering and leaving schools and some colleges. You may have seen signs saying 20 when the light show. These are the amber coloured vertical lights which which traffic patrol men & women turn on when they are helping young people to cross the road. Please look out for them and do not ignore them. If the lights are not flashing the normal speed limit applies. We have seen people slowing when they just see the sign. This could cause congestion. There are unfortunately some occasions when the flashing lights have been lepton long after youngsters have gone, this something i would urge traffic patrol people to ensure is done correctly for the sake of all road users as it encourages drivers to ignore the lights when they shouldn’t. For more information on this go to Staffordshire roads.

Your comments?

If you have an opinion on the 20 Zones around schools made you would like to give Abacus some feedback on Facebook or Twitter or even LinkdenIn. We always like to know what the public think after all they are you children going to school and you as parents picking them up and dropping them off.